Workstations for Wages and Education Program


How It Works

The Workstations for Wages and Education program is an add-on to the current CHHAR project. The WWEP will allow the tiny house residents to work from home. It will also allow homeless students to complete online homework and will help them apply for scholarships and colleges. We hope that the residents will be able to earn enough money from these workstations that they will be able to move out and buy a place of their very own.


For the people that have just graduated and left a rehabilitation program, they are left with very little resources and opportunities, mainly transportation and jobs. These workstations allow them to overcome these challenges by giving them a place to gain employment. 

Having these workstations along with internet access will make a measurable difference for our homeless students who have very little to help them improve their quality of life and prepare them for a career or college. 

These workstations will also make the tiny homes feel more modern and up to date. The new technology will make the homes feel more attractive and give the residents who use them a sense of pride and confidence.  

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