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Homelessness and drug abuse are ongoing and many times directly related issues affecting our communities, schools and workforce. Based on data from the 2017-2018 school year, Harlan County High School alone had an alarming number students identified as homeless due to substandard living conditions or living with someone other than a parent or guardian. In extreme circumstances, we have students who have nowhere to stay. This is often overlooked by those of us that do not face these day in and out challenges to simply survive. Additionally, the condition of homelessness often leads to substance abuse and we have a number of local facilities that provide addiction recovery, but a very high percentage of rehab graduates relapse back into substance abuse due to having nowhere else to go but back into their former lifestyle and living conditions.

We as the Student Senate of Harlan County High School along with a number of community partners have established the  Community Homes for Homelessness and Addiction Recovery (CHHAR) project to ‘tell the story’ of what we are collectively doing to make a difference in the lives of those who need a hand up! Through this website and other platforms including our YouTube Channel, we will provide the goals and progress of our local transitional housing community, how it will impact both students who are identified as homeless and those graduating from a rehabilitation program and what we are doing to educate our communities about the devastating impacts of the opioid epidemic while also providing resources to aid in prevention.


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Opioid Epidemic


Harlan County Judge Executive Dan Mosley says, "The largest problem facing our generation is the opioid epidemic."  In 2017 there were 42,249 drug related deaths in the United States and two-thirds of these were opioid related (28,166).

Tiny Home Project
Opioid Awareness

Our mission is not only to help get people on their feet by giving them shelter, but to make the community aware of the risks involved with Opioids.

Opioid Facts
  • 69,000 people die in the world every year due to opioids

  • Opioids are highly addictive

  • Opioids are highly potent


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For more information about the CHHAR Project and/or to apply for
services, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you and
working together to 'Make Tomorrow Brighter'. 


Email & Phone:

ARI Coordinator:

Scott Pace - Scott.Pace@harlan.kyschools.us
(606) 574-2020, x3597 | (606) 573-4330, x2047

Student Senators:

Senior - Caleb Ashley - caleb.ashley@stu.harlan.kyschools.us

Junior - Brenna V. Early - brenna.early@stu.harlan.kyschools.us 


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